In 2017, Singapore commemorated 50 years of National Service with the NS50 campaign. The theme of the campaign was titled “From My Generation to Yours” – celebrating more than one million enlistees and three generations of soldiers since National Service began in 1967.

Given the unstable socio-political climate, and lower-than-expected confidence in the defence of Singapore at the time, the NS50 campaign served as a reminder of the critical importance of National Service. The campaign also highlighted the emphasis on providing soldiers a strong platform to develop physically and mentally by evolving with the changing environment and security landscape.


The PR campaign created and shared key messages through a variety of media platforms, to inform and educate target audiences about how NS has evolved over the years to meet new challenges.

A key thrust was to showcase compelling stories of notable soldiers from many different generations to celebrate the evolution of NS and recognise past and present NSmen who have contributed to national defence through the years.


The campaign amassed more than $13 million in PR value. It garnered more than 900 unique news reports across mainstream English dailies and broadcast stations, as well as all vernacular platforms.

This strategy engaged the target audiences on pressing social issues and elevated the conversation to a more constructive one for the institution of NS.