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We solve your communications challenges. 

About Us

Black Dot is an independently owned communications firm with a strong focus on strategy, media, and training.

Using a blend of strategic communications, message development, and content delivery, we work with leaders in organisations to build, manage, and defend individual and corporate reputations. Our clients operate in diverse sectors, including real estate, technology, logistics, consumer & lifestyle, and the public service.


Black Dot develops and executes purposeful and integrated communication strategies that are aligned with our clients’ organisational goals.

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Our comprehensive approach to effective and objective-driven communications covers public relations, internal communications, and stakeholder engagement.

We also work with our clients to identify potential risks to their reputation. By systematically mapping key potential risks, we develop pre-emptive mitigation strategies and crisis management procedures to help our clients avert, neutralise, and resolve issues and crises efficiently and effectively.


With our deep understanding of the media, public, and private sector environments, we work with our clients to develop comprehensive and effective media engagement strategies.

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Our multidisciplinary backgrounds and deep media and corporate affairs experience enable us to devise effective issue advocacy measures and crisis resolution tactics to help our clients navigate any difficult situations that may arise.


Beyond media engagement training, Black Dot adopts a deep-dive approach to helping our clients sharpen their narratives and message projection.

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We believe strong leaders communicate with conviction because messages are only as effective as the people that deliver them.

Our training leverages on our experience and expertise as seasoned and versatile media and corporate affairs practitioners. We consistently add value to our clients by offering them a holistic perspective that protects and promotes their brands.

Issues Management

Black Dot provides clients with strategic counseling in crisis communications and issues management.

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We work with individuals and organisations to identify, pre-empt, and resolve issues that may significantly impact their reputations and operations.

Through comprehensive risk assessment and an integrated communications plan, we can effectively engage stakeholders such as media, key opinion leaders, and regulators, to help address potential problems and challenges before they escalate into crises.

We work with our clients on both longer-term issues that call for pre-emptive deliberation and sustained engagement to shape operating environments, as well as ad-hoc situations that require a rapid response approach for de-escalation and reputation recovery.